Secrets for Android

Secrets Lite

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Secrets Pro

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Secrets gives you a safe place to store secrets on you Android device, it uses the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm to encrypt your private notes, passwords, secret pictures or everything else you may want to keep secret.

With Secrets you can take a picture directly from the camera and encrypt it on the fly for maximum security, you can even create your private galleries collection, or even a secret diary.

Secrets is designed to be really fast and easy to use, just install, open the App, set a password and you’re ready to go.
With this App you can do everything you need, from saving a bunch of passwords in it, up to creating your secret diary, or secret pictures vault.

Secrets Pro features an advanced backup mechanism, you can create as many backups as you want so if you ever need to come back to some point in time you can always do it in a few tap.

Features include:

  • One single password for all your secrets.
  • Encrypt you notes, passwords or pictures.
  • Copy your notes into the system clipboard, for easy paste into other apps.
  • Take photos from the camera and encrypt them on the fly.
  • Options to automatically delete original pictures that have been encrypted from the system gallery.
  • Restore encrypted pictures as normal pictures in the system gallery.
  • Share notes and pictures.
  • Beautiful, fully functional built-in image gallery.
  • Advanced backup functionality, save unlimited backups and restore them anytime with a few taps.
  • Set a wrong login delay so anyone who tries to login with a wrong password will have to wait some time before the next attempt.
  • Automatic configurable session logout if the app stays in background for too much time.
  • Configure and change the encryption algorithm.
  • Factory reset to erase all your data, if needed.
  • Minimal and very easy to use user interface.
  • Works in both portrait and landscape orientation.
  • The user interface scales perfectly to be used both on a mobile phone and on a tablet.
  • Automatic data import from Secrets Lite to Secrets Pro.
Secrets Lite
Get it on Google Play
Secrets Pro
Get it on Google Play

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